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Shinigami Realm - Dead Land, and the First Human to Travel There

The term 'spirit world' does not represent any single place, or location that is physically inaccessible to humans. The term represents any realm described in any belief system that humans have either invented or developed after witnessing a supernatural event (such as plagues of Egypt, or life, death, and rise of Christ).
Until 2003, the Shinigami realm was unheard of by humans, but none the less it exists. Shinigami have crossed the access point between their world and ours, and delivered to humans the most "dangerous weapon of mass destruction in the history of mankind" [Near, 286].

According to a Shinigami present in Japan during the first Kira Era (later coined, 'the Yagami Years,'), the shinigami realm is barren, and devoid of life. Very few life forms exist other than shinigami themselves, and mostly consist of a few species of moss, lichens, molds, and other plant species adapted to a dim dry climate.
Near, young detective, and head of the SPK (Special Provision for Kira, am American joint investigation task force between the CIA and FBI), famous for taking down Light Yagami (the infamous Kira), shifted the SPK's directive to investigating shinigami, and the shinigami realm (abbreviated as SGR). in SPK reports, it was stressed that the SGR be investigated as it is the place where the death notes came from.

Only in 2021 had the first human accessed the shinigami realm, having been taken there by a shinigami. The human, whose name was witheld, and instead aliased as 'T' or 'Tito,' disclosed a wealth of information deemed invalueble to the SPK; not to mention, Tito was the first human explorer to visit a realm deemed to be in the Spirit World.

Tito was abducted on 2021-3-15 from Tokyo during the Jisatsu Crisis, and transported to the shinigami realm where she spent 48 hours under the supervision of the shinigami who brought her there. In Near's reports, Tito testifies that the shinigami she met was infact a re-incarnation of the late Light Yagami, and his companion, the late Misa Amane (identified by SPK as Kira-2).
During her stay, Tito reported on the scenery and climate of the Shinigami Realm:

"...I cannot believe this barren world can support life at all, even these shinigami that lurk about here and there. I've travelled many kilometers, and seen nothing but desert, scapes of jagged rock, and vast regions of nothing more than the ruin of life. This place resembles a world in which nearly all life has gone extinct, and it's just a matter of time until the remnants of life here die out. A mass extinction, so to speak.

"I met a shinigami named Ryuk and asked him how his world came to be like this, and he merely shrugged, and with an apathetic tone, he told me i had a lot of nerve speaking to a shinigami in the first place. He then told me he would have written my name in his death note if I wasn't Kira's guest. He made it known that for humans, it's supposed to be a one way ticket here. Kira commented about me being useful in studying the shinigami realm and figuring out what happened here.

"I had no access to equipment that could have determined the atmospheric content, the air pressure or temperatures. The wind was nil, the temperature comparable to winter, and no rain whatsoever. The clouds were dark and thick, hardly thinning enough to let light through. I had no means of examining the regolith or soil; nor any of the alien plants or insects. I thought everything as potentially dangerous and kept my distance.

"Shinigami, I was told, didn't have to eat to survive, instead, they simply survived by killing humans with their death notes, and extending their own life spans. Ryuk had said some of them lived for centuries, if not millenia. Surprisingly enough, Ryuk had an appetite for the deathly looking apples that grew on twisted skeletal trees. I tasted one, and it tasted like a mixture of ash, rotten meat, and sweetened hot sauce.

"Shinigami don't live in houses or shelters. Instead they dwell in the open. Kira, however, constructed a home out of material he retrieved from what used to be a swamp. It was the only refined building in the entire shinigami realm. Funny, because the other shinigami, even Ryuk looked at Kira's house and scratched their heads. While all the others had no interest in improving their homeland, Kira saw infinite space for improvement.

"Kira, having once been Light Yagami, had told me that the entire realm depended on what he called 'life force,' extracted when humans die. Most of it goes to the Shinigami King, or Old man as Ryuk called him, the rest is used to extend the shinigami's own life spans, and hardly any is left over for growth of anything.

"Kira, on the other hand, had more life force than a typical human, and unlike his fellow victims, he had been transformed into a shinigami, and given the task of re-making the shinigami realm, as he had done as a human. However, Kira told me that because of how many he killed in the human world, he was restricted from having a death note. If he was to recieve one, Kira had to annoint a human (me?) with the ultimate task of following his footsteps in killing back home. The death note would transmit their souls here to him to use as needed. And a lot of souls were needed as the Old man harbored a huge appetite.

"Kira explained to me that he was denied a death note as humanity was not an infinite resource, and he was too 'human-minded,' to kill at a very slow (for shinigami, that's moderate) rate that corresponded with the times human lives were to end; in addition to the laws of the death note and shinigami realm. Old Man must've thought Kira would recklessly kill all the humans, and there would be nothing left for the shinigami to survive on. So he needed a human he could direct and trust with a death note.

"At Kira's request, Ryuk wrote some names down in his death note, some 600, while viewing a crystal-ball like apperatus. Ryuk targeted an overpopulated area in Asia, and wrote them down by random.

"The notebook crackled, and Kira instructed Ryuk to think differently, about life growth or something like that. Then, to my amazement, a glowing, sparkling substance rained from the notebook to the ground, and plants suddenly started growing. The largest one grew four feet, and quickly opened to a large black rose, coated in deadly poison.

"I have to admit, I took humor in Ryuk's reaction at his own discovery. Even after death, Kira-a.k.a Light Yagami, was still teaching him new things, and now in his own world. Apparently, Kira could carefully extract more than enough human life force to not only adequately feed the King, but re-start life itself in this forsaken realm.

"Kira glowed with this energy- and upon my arrival here, everywhere he went, small things, such as molds and lichens grew around him. The ground around his house was lush with the alien fungi.

"...How I actually entered the shinigami realm, I don't remember well. I was falling to the streets below, pushed off against my will by a group of jisatsers (people committing suicide), and before I hit the pavement, there was a flash of light, and I found myself flying above Tokyo, carried by Kira (this is because I unkowingly came in contact with a death note some time before). A second flash of light, and I was suddenly undergound above a pond of bright glowing froth.

"I was scared out of my mind, and it took a while for Kira to explain everything he did, and to tell me he had chosen me for my personal traits. He had been watching me already for years.
"I didn't get the job, and Kira took me back home, and left me in Mizumoto Park, near the state border between Tokyo and Saitama. He said he would consider me, but then said I might also be needed to study his world."

Tito was arrested that night as a suspected attempter of suicide, and incarcerated. Psychiatric reports indicated that she had countless hallucinations and visions, mostly alleging they were memories of Light Yagami's life. He was classified as unfit to be in public and incarcerated at a maximum security facility in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido.

According to Near's reports, her file was transferred to the SPK in accordance to the agreement between the National Police Agency (Japan), the SPK, and Interpol regarding Kira related activity. Tito was deemed a grave risk to public safety and national security as she could have become the second Kira to wreak havoc on the world. At Near's personal request, Tito was transferred to a special facility in the United States; to prevent her from becoming dangerous, and so that the SPK could easily access her.

It is undetermined in leaked SPK documents whether Near will allow Tito to even conduct research in the Shinigami realm, and bring back invalueble data for them.
A little fic i made that branches off from the Death Note storyline. I always wondered what would happen if Light became a shinigami, and how a human would view the shinigami realm.
Cosmic--Chaos Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool story; I always liked the concept of Light becoming a shinigami after he died.
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